Cinereous Tinamou Crypturellus cinereus


A wide-ranging and generally common member of the family, the plumage of the Cinereous Tinamou is principally dark ash brown to brownish gray, although usually becoming paler below, with a slightly reddish-brown crown and nape. However, some individuals are almost entirely sooty brown, while immatures are also darker, but additionally they possess cinnamon barring over the wings and underparts. This tinamou occurs over lowland regions from the mouth of the Amazon as far west as southeast Colombia, south to northern Bolivia, and north to southernmost Venezuela and throughout the Guianas. It is reasonably tolerant of human disturbance, more so than many of its congeners, and is even ‘at home’ in dense second growth in savannas, as well as in lowland forest and plantations. The voice is a one-second-long whistle, repeated at frequent intervals that sometimes become shorter. The female’s vocalisation is reportedly slightly higher pitched than that of the male. Cinereous Tinamou lays two eggs, whose colour varies from salmon to dark chocolate; the nest is merely a scrape in the ground, and nests can be found almost year-round across its range.

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