Cinnamon Teal Spatula cyanoptera


Demography and Populations

Cinnamon Teal are one of the least abundant dabbling ducks in North America; however, population estimates are difficult to determine as some surveys do not separate Cinnamon Teal and Blue-winged Teal.  The population size for A. c. septentrionalium has been estimated between 260,000-300,000 (Bellrose 1980).  The Breeding Bird Survey from 1990 to 2010 has indicated a slight decline of 2.06% (Baldassare 2014).

Within South America, population estimates of A. c. cyanoptera are 25,000-100,000 and 10,000-100,000 for A. c. orinomus (Wetlands International 2002).

Recommended Citation

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