Chestnut Piculet Picumnus cinnamomeus

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The Chestnut Piculet is largely confined to the Caribbean Colombia and Venezuela Endemic Bird Area, where it is common in the first-named country, but rather rarer in the latter. It will utilize a wide variety of wooded habitats, typically in rather dry country, but the species apparently occupies only a very narrow elevational range, from sea level to just 300 m. Both sexes have the plumage predominantly chestnut-brown; the black crown is flecked with gold in males, and whitish in females. Some three subspecies have been described, and these principally differ in forehead color, which varies from whitish to rufous. Few details have been published concerning the life history of the Chestnut Piculet, but like others of the genus it joins mixed-species flocks, and is often observed foraging in pairs or small family groups.

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