Cauca Guan Penelope perspicax


Endemic to Colombia, the Cauca Guan is currently treated as Endangered by BirdLife International on account of it having a small and apparently declining range on the west slopes of the West and Central Andes. This guan is largely dependent on primary forest, although in some areas it has adapted to plantations, and is chiefly found at elevations between 900 and 2150 m. It is a medium-sized, drably colored cracid with bright red dewlap. The Cauca Guan is mainly dull brownish gray, except for the mainly chestnut rear underparts and tail; the feathers of the head to mantle and breast are scaled whitish. In addition to habitat destruction and fragmentation, which is ongoing, the Cauca Guan still apparently suffers from some direct human persecution, even within protected areas.

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