Canvasback Aythya valisineria



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Large diving duck with a sloping forehead and a stout neck. Breeding males have black chests and rears with a white body.


Large diving duck with a sloping forehead and a stout neck. Females have pale bodies and dark chests and rears.


In flight, note dark neck, head, and rear with white body and underwings.

Eclipse male

Nonbreeding males are browner than breeding males.

Female with Redhead

Sloping head shape and paler body distinguishes Canvasback (middle) from similar Redhead (left).


Large brownish duck with gracefully sloping forehead and bill.

Male and female

Breeds in small lakes, deep marshes, sheltered bays of large freshwater and alkali lakes, ponds, sloughs, potholes, and shallow river impoundments.


In winter found in deep freshwater lakes and coastal waters including brackish and saltwater estuaries, shallow bays, and harbors. Often in large groups.

Recommended Citation

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