Calliope Hummingbird Selasphorus calliope



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Adult male

Small hummingbird with a hunched posture. Adult males have magenta rays on the throat and wear a greenish vest.

Female/immature male

Smallest hummingbird in the United States and Canada, with short wings and tail. Females/immatures have a peachy wash across their underparts and a bronze-green back.

Female/immature male

Very small hummingbird. Females/immatures have peachy washed underparts and green stippling on the throat.

Female/immature male

Takes nectar from flowering plants and picks small flying insects from the air. Females/immatures are bronze-green above.

Adult male

Male performs U-shaped display dives for females in which he makes a sputtering buzz with tail feathers and gives a sharp zinging call. Often seen perched on exposed branches.


Breeds in mountain meadows, aspen thickets near streams, and open forests that are regenerating from a forest fire or logging.

Recommended Citation

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