Caica Parrot Pyrilia caica

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Formerly placed in the genus Pionopsitta, like all of the other members of Pyrilia, the Caica Parrot is the northeasternmost representative of this genus. It occurs from eastern Venezuela through the Guianas and over northern Brazil, north of the Amazon and east of the Rio Negro, and this species inhabits tall primary terra firme forest up to 1100 m; the Caica Parrot rarely is found in adjacent second growth or seasonally flooded areas. This species is an attractive and easily identified psittacid, with predominantly green plumage, ‘topped off’ by a brownish-black head, a bare gray orbital ring, a fulvous-brown collar that extends over the breast, dull blue primary coverts, and blackish primaries. To date, almost nothing has been published concerning the species’ ecology.

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