Cabanis's Spinetail Synallaxis cabanisi

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The Cabanis’s Spinetail was described in the last decade of the 19th century from Peru, where it is now known to occur in lowland evergreen forest and its edges from the centre of the country south to northern Bolivia. It is a poorly known but locally fairly common bird, with a rufous-brown crown, wings, and tail, contrasting with a more olive-brown mantle, dark face mask, pale moustachial, and generally gray underparts, which become decidedly paler in the south of the species’ range, which is occupied by a separate subspecies. In the 1990s a population of what appeared to be Cabanis’s Spinetail was discovered in east Amazonian Brazil, but several characters associated with these birds, including voice, suggest that these birds probably represent a currently undescribed species.

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