Buff-throated Saltator Saltator maximus

  • Order: Passeriformes
  • Family: Thraupidae
  • Polytypic: 5 subspecies
  • Authors: Ann McAfee and Kevin J. Burns

Priorities for Future Research

Although the Buff-throated Saltator is a common and widespread species, there is very little information regarding its biology. The diet is known only superficially, and information its breeding comes from only a few sites. Information about the sexual behaviors, predation, populations and demography, self-maintenance, and molts of the Buff-throated Saltator is lacking or not present.

Recommended Citation

McAfee, A. and K. J. Burns (2010). Buff-throated Saltator (Saltator maximus), version 1.0. In Neotropical Birds Online (T. S. Schulenberg, Editor). Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA. https://doi.org/10.2173/nb.butsal1.01