Buff-rumped Warbler Myiothlypis fulvicauda



The clutch size is 2 (Skutch 1954, Curson 1994). Incubation usually takes 16-17 days but can be as long as 19 days, with nestlings in the nest from 13-14 days (Curson 1994). Egg laying in Costa Rica occurs from April to August, although individuals have been documented in breeding condition in February from Colombia (Curson 1994). Skutch reports a nest building in Térraba Valley on March 22, 1994, so nest construction can start earlier (Skutch 1954). Produces one brood annually. Nest dome-shaped structure with side entrance, constructed by both male and females, made out of vegetable materials (Curson 1994). The nest is usually found on a sloping bank, and will be lined with “fine vegetable fibres and dried leaf fragments” (Curson 1994). Incubation is carried out strictly by the female, who may spend as much as 75% of her time incubating the eggs (Skutch 1954).

Recommended Citation

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