Lesson's Motmot Momotus lessonii



Conservation Status

The conservation status of the Blue-crowned Motmot is of low risk, due to its wide range of geographical distribution, large population size and stable population trend. The Blue-crowned Motmot does not have an IUCN Red List conservation rating, however, as it still is classified by BirdLife International as conspecific with other members of the "Blue-crowned Motmot" complex (BirdLife International 2011); the conservation status of the broadly defined "Blue-crowned Motmot" is rated as Least Concern.

The relative abundance of the Blue-crowned Motmot is assessed as fairly common to common in Mexico (Howell and Webb 1995), uncommon to fairly common in Nicaragua (Martínez-Sánchez and Will 2010), and locally common in Costa Rica (Stiles and Skutch 1989).

Effects of human activity on populations

Human activity probably has little direct effect on the Blue-crowned Motmot, other than the local effects of habitat destruction.

Recommended Citation

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