Bronze-winged Parrot Pionus chalcopterus

  • © Peter W. Wendelken

Distributed from western Venezuela to northwest Peru, the Bronze-winged Parrot is mainly found in humid forested areas below 2800 m, and seems to be partially nomadic in parts of its range, for example in parts of Colombia. It is a rather distinctive bird, given that the only similar species is the Dusky Parrot (Pionus fuscus) of the geographically far-removed Guianan Shield. The Bronze-winged Parrot is mainly bronze-brown to very dark blue, with an obvious pale orbital ring, a yellow-colored bill, white-flecked chin, and deep red ventral underparts. Its ecology and behavior have not been subject to intensive study, but the species remains at least locally common, especially in southwest Colombia and parts of western Ecuador.

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