Brown Tanager Orchesticus abeillei



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Distribution of the Brown Tanager
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Distribution in the Americas

The Brown Tanager is found in montane forest of south-east Brazil from south Bahia to north Santa Catarina and an isolated population in central Minas Gerais (BirdLife International 2015). Diniz et al. (2012) considers the existence of the Minas Gerais population to be questionable because during their study they did not find voucher specimens from this region. Naka et al. (2000) noted a very slight range extension of 40 km southward in the Santa Catarina area. The Brown Tanager is only in the mountains of Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro and a portion of the population migrates north to South Bahia during the winter (Sick 1993, Hilty 2011). The Brown Tanager occurs mostly at 800-1600 m elevation, though it has been noted as low as 750 m (Legal and Kohler 2008, Ridgely and Tudor 2009). The center of elevational abundance is in the upper tropical zone (Parker et al. 1996). This species occurs in the Atlantic Forest Zoogeographic Region (Parker et al. 1996).

Distribution outside the Americas

The Brown Tanager is endemic to the Americas, specifically Brazil.


The Brown Tanager lives in canopies of high and low forests (Sick 1993). Parker et al. (1996) list the primary habitat as montane evergreen forests. Additional habitats used by this species are humid pre-montane forests, the upper levels of thinned or open woodland, second growth, and tall trees around settled areas (Isler and Isler 1987, Hilty 2011). Willis (1993) defined the Peruvian Wren, Cinnycerthia peruana, as an ecologically similar species found in Colombian cloud forests. Willis (1993) suggests that these species could replace each other in regard to ecological niche if their ranges were switched.

Historical changes

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Fossil history

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