Brown Tanager Orchesticus abeillei


Demography and Populations

The population size is unknown for the Brown Tanager, but it is likely decreasing (BirdLife International 2015). There is not extensive research on the demography or population numbers of Orchesticus abeillei. Parker et al. (1996) categorize the Brown Tanager as uncommon relative to other Neotropical birds with a center of abundance in the upper tropic zone. Mallet-Rodrigues et al. (2007) categorized the Brown Tanager as uncommon in the Serra dos Orgaos region of Rio de Janeiro as well based on it being observed in 25-50% of visits. The generation time is estimated at 3.8 years (BirdLife International 2015). No information is available on age at first breeding, life span, survivorship, parasitism, or population regulation.

Recommended Citation

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