Brown Tanager Orchesticus abeillei



Breeding season is at least October in Rio de Janeiro (Davis 1945, Hilty 2011). Nest was found with two eggs in a bromeliad on the side of a tree trunk. One bird incubated while its mate stayed nearby (T. Parker data, cited in Isler and Isler 1987). The eggs are regular oval shape without gloss (Oates et al. 1912); the color is pinkish-white with blotches of pale chestnut and dark reddish-brown along with a few lavender specks mostly at the larger end (Oates et al. 1912, Isler and Isler 1987, Hilty 2011). The eggs measure 83x65 mm and 81x63 mm (Oates et al. 1912).

Recommended Citation

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