Brown Jacamar Brachygalba lugubris

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Brown Jacamar is a small dark jacamar in the genus Brachygalba widely distributed from the Orinoco River drainage in central Venezuela south through much of northern Amazonia from eastern Ecuador and southern Colombia south through central Brazil to northern Bolivia. The Brown Jacamar is very different from jacamars in the genus Galbula by being much smaller and mostly brown, with glossy purple wings, as opposed to bright iridescent green. It is often seen in pairs or small groups of up to 6-7 individuals, perhaps representing family groups. Most frequently seen perched on dead branches in the canopy or mid-story along the edge of rivers, or at the edge of clearings. It often favors Cecropia trees where they sit out in the open, and sally out for flying insects. Not known to overlap with any other Brachygalba jacamar. It is replaced by the Pale-headed Jacama (Brachygalba goeringi), in the Llanos of central Venezuela and by White-throated Jacamar (Brachygalba albogularis) in southeastern Peru.

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