Bronzy Hermit Glaucis aeneus

  • © Julio Gallardo

Recently split into its own species, the Bronzy Hermit is still considered by some to be conspecific with the closely related G. hirsuta. A medium-sized hummingbird, the Bronzy Hermit has a mildly decurved bill, typical of hermits, with a rufous overall coloration and a dull-green back. The Bronzy Hermit can be found within its range feeding on nectar and occasionally small arthropods in disturbed primary forests, old second-growth forests, forest borders, thickets, and shrubbery. Even though it is relatively uncommon throughout its range, the Bronzy Hermit's population is believed to be stable, and consequently has not been placed on any threatened species lists.

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© David L. Ross, Jr.

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