Brown Creeper Certhia americana


The Brown Creeper is a distinctive bird of coniferous forest in North America and northern Central America. It is a small, brownish bird with a distinctive thin, decurved bill, a medium-long, rigid tail, and a pale supercilium. This species can often be heard giving a high, thin and slightly harsh call or song that carries far through the forest; and can be seen foraging on vertical tree trunks by slowly working upwards along the trunk, then flying to the base of the next tree. Within the Neotropics, this species could potentially only be confused with a woodcreeper (Dendrocolaptidae), but is smaller than any woodcreeper, with a more petite bill, and lacks rufous in the tail. The Brown Creeper can be found alone or loosely associating with flocks of other insectivores.

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