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Brown Booby Sula leucogaster


The Brown Booby is a dark Sulid of tropical oceans. In the Neotropics, it is a widespread breeder on small oceanic islands in the Caribbean, off Brazil, and off the Pacific coast of Central America and Colombia. While adults remain near colonies year-round, young birds often disperse through nearby waters. It nests in small colonies, placing two eggs in a scrape on a cliff or on the ground, often in a location with some vegetation. It feeds on fish and squid in inshore waters by plunge-diving at an angle, seizing prey from the surface in-flight, or even kleptoparasitizing other seabirds. Adults are distinctive, with dark brown plumage except for a contrasting and sharply-demarcated white lower breast and belly. The subspecies S. l. brewsteri of the Pacific has a pale wash to the head and neck. 

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