Brown-backed Mockingbird Mimus dorsalis

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If this mockingbird did not venture south to parts of NW Argentina it would be a Bolivian endemic, as overwhelmingly the main part of its distribution is squarely in Bolivia. It is found in dry rain shadow valleys in the mid elevations of the Andes, largely between 2500 and 3500 m. It takes arid shrubby scrub, usually areas with tall cacti, but even the edges of Andean villages and agricultural land. It is likely most closely related to the White-banded Mockingbird (Mimus triurus) as it shares many aspects of plumage such as extensive white on the outer tail, and a white wing patch. However, the white patch on the wings is restricted to the primary coverts and primary bases on this mockingbird. Also as the name implies, the warm brown wash on this mockingbird extends from the rump up to the back, so it looks more uniform than the grayish backed White-banded. This mockingbird is resident and unlikely to be seen away from its regular distribution.

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