Bobolink Dolichonyx oryzivorus



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Breeding male

Sparrowlike bird related to blackbirds with a large flat head, a short neck, and a short tail. Breeding males are black below and black and white above with a yellowish patch on the back of the head.

Female/nonbreeding male

Medium-sized songbird with a pointed bill, flat head, and short tail. Females/nonbreeding birds are warm brown below with streaking on the flanks. Note pinkish bill, unstreaked nape, and dark eyeline.

Breeding male

Long-bodied with a short tail and flat head. From behind breeding males have a white rump, white shoulders, and a yellowish patch on the back of the head.

Breeding male

Rather big headed and short necked. Breeding males are entirely black below with a straw colored patch on the back of the head.

Female/nonbreeding male

Females/nonbreeding males have bold buffy and brown streaks down the back, but have an unstreaked nape. Note dark eyeline and brown stripes on the crown.

Breeding male

In spring, male Bobolinks give conspicuous display flights low over grasslands, fluttering their wings while singing. Note white rump in flight.


Found in tall grasslands, uncut pastures, overgrown fields, meadows, and prairies.

Recommended Citation

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