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Blue Grosbeak Passerina caerulea

  • Order: Passeriformes
  • Family: Cardinalidae
  • Polytypic: 7 subspecies
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Photos from this Account

Breeding male

Stocky songbird with a very large, triangular bill that seems to cover its entire face. Breeding males are deep blue overall with chestnut wingbars.

Female/immature male

Stocky fincklike songbird with a hefty bill. Females/immatures are cinnamon overall with brown wingbars. Note unstreaked underparts.

Nonbreeding male

Full-bodied with a large triangular-shaped bill. Nonbreeding males are patchy blue and cinnamon overall with chestnut wingbars.

Breeding male

Sings a warbling song while perched at high points in shrubs and small trees. Combination of large bill and deep blue color with chestnut wingbars is distinctive.

Female/immature male

Females/immatures are cinnamon brown overall with brown wingbars and unstreaked underparts. Note large triangular-shaped bill.

Breeding male

Found in old fields, hedgerows, and scrubby areas that are starting to grow back into woodlands. In drier regions, often found in shrubby areas along watercourses.

Recommended Citation

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