Blue Dacnis Dacnis cayana


Diet and Foraging


The Blue Dacnis (Dacnis cayana) is omnivorous, feeding on insects, fruits, seeds and nectar. Different ratios have been observed for diets, in one study Blue Dacnis diets consisted of 49% insects, 44% fruit, and 7% flowers (Snow and Snow 1971). In another study by Greenburg (1984) the diets were found to be 64% insects and 36% plant material. One distinctive method of foraging that this species displays is that it forages at spots with damaged leaves, often searching exclusively at these patches (Greenberg and Gradwohl 1980). When eating fruit, the Blue Dacnis typically will pick berries while upright, but is known to lean over, and cling upside to forage fruits. Smaller fruits are eaten whole, while larger fruits are either mashed, or pieces are bit out of them (Isler and Isler 1987). When eating nectar or insects from the inside of flowers, the Blue Dacnis will perch behind the flower and bend over to push its bill into the flower (Skutch 1962b).

Foraging Behavior

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