Blue Dacnis Dacnis cayana


Demography and Populations

The Global population of Blue Dacnis is unknown, but it is believed to be stable (Birdlife International 2015). This species is described as being fairly common to common, and is regarded as the commonest and most widespread of the Dacnis species (Restall 2007). The Blue Dacnis is the known host for a number of parasites, including a chewing lice (Ricinus sp.), with 1 in six birds being infested, and four species of feather mites: Mesalgoides sp., Analges sp., Amerodectes sp., and Proctophyllodes sp., having infestation rates (%) of 33.3, 66.7, 100, and 33.3 respectively (Enout et al. 2012). No information is available on age at first breeding, life span, survivorship, or other population regulators.

Recommended Citation

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