Black-streaked Puffbird Malacoptila fulvogularis

  • © Sam Woods

The Black-streaked Puffbird is confined to the east slope of the Andes, where it is distributed from central Colombia south to northwest Bolivia, at altitudes between at least 500 and 2300 m. It is a predominantly dark-looking Bucconidae, with very dark brown upperparts, a blackish head covered by dense white shaft-streaks, whitish whiskers, grayish underparts covered with black streaks, and an ochraceous upper breast patch. The Black-streaked Puffbird is generally uncommon, albeit locally common, but even then it is easily overlooked due to the species’ habit of remaining still on a low perch for long periods, which behavior is common to the genus as a whole. These factors have doubtless contributed to the Black-streaked Puffbird remaining a relatively poorly known species.

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