Blue-rumped Manakin Lepidothrix isidorei

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The Blue-rumped Manakin is a small black manakin with a snowy white crown, and a blue (or white) rump. It is restricted to a narrow elevational belt in the foothills along the Amazonian slope of the eastern Andes from central Ecuador to central Peru. Two distinct subspecies with birds found south of the Marañon River in northern Peru having a white, as opposed to blue rump. It is closely related to very similar Cerulean-capped Manakin (Lepidothrix coeruleocapilla), which replaces Blue-rumped in central and southeastern Peru, and differs from Blue-rumped by having a cerulean blue crown. The Blue-rumped Manakin overlaps in the foothills of eastern Ecuador with the White-crowned Manakin (Pipra pipra), which also has a white crown, but lacks the blue rump. It is also replaced by the more widespread Blue-crowned Manakin (Lepidothrix coronata) at lower elevations. As with most manakins, highly sexually dimorphic, with females entirely lime green with a pale yellow lower belly. The song is a squeaky frog-like “whenk” repeated frequently at slow intervals. Males call from the mid-story in primary foothill forest, but is also often seen foraging at fruiting trees, The genus Lepidothrix was formerly merged with the genus Pipra.

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