Blue Mountain Vireo Vireo osburni

  • © Paul B. Jones

Blue Mountain Vireo is an uncommon resident of humid forest on Jamaica, especially in montane regions. This species forages solitarily or in small mixed species flocks of insectivores, usually in the midstory or even close to the ground, often gleaning insects from low flowers. While this species can be seen in a variety of habitats, from elfin forest to gardens and disturbed areas, it can only be found in the vicinity of undisturbed montane forest, and because of this, is currently threatened by habitat loss. This species can be identified from the sympatric Jamaican Vireo (Vireo modestus) by its large black bill, dark iris, and a lack of wing-bars. Blue Mountain Vireo generally is heard more often than it is seen, especially in dense humid montane forest, but it can be confiding when found, sometimes offering close, extended views.

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