Black-legged Seriema Chunga burmeisteri

  • © Paul B. Jones

The Black-legged Seirema is one of only two species in the distinctive family Cariamidae, which is endemic to the Chaco region of central southern South America, in Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay. Apart from the larger Red-legged Seriema (Cariama Cristata), the Black-legged Seriema is a  very unique bird, with a short, curved bill, and long, powerful legs Black-legged Seriema is largely terrestrial, although they are capable of short bursts of flight and will often sit in low trees and bushes, where they built their nests. The Black-legged Seriema travels alone or in pairs in wooded chaco, where its loud, raucous calls can be a dominant feature of the morning chorus. Both Seriemas specialize eating snakes and lizards, but are omnivorous and will take seeds and large insects.

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