Blue-capped Tanager Thraupis cyanocephala




Main foods taken: The Blue-capped Tanager primarily consumes terrestrial invertebrates, foraging by means of fly catching (Ridgley and Tudor 1989). This bird will also eat berries, collected by hover and glean methods (Ridgley and Tudor 1989).


None Reported

Sexual Behavior

The Blue-capped Tanager breeds from June to October (Ridgley and Tudor 1989). Birds were observed in “breeding-condition” between the months of April and September in Colombia (Hilty 2011).

Social and interspecific behavior

The Blue-capped Tanager is most often observed in pairs, but can also be seen in groups of 8-15, especially while feeding. Groups of this tanager have also been reported in mixed flocks of foraging birds (Ridgley and Tudor 1989).


No Information.

Recommended Citation

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