Blue-crowned Manakin Lepidothrix coronata


The Blue-crowned Manakin is a widespread member of the genus Lepidothrix that is characterized by a black body and its rich blue crown. Several subspecies comprise the Blue-crowned Manakin, which ranges from the Pacific slope of Costa Rica and Panama south to northwestern Ecuador, as well as through much of western Amazonia including eastern Ecuador, eastern Peru, southern Colombia and Venezuela, and south through western Brazil to northern Bolivia. Throughout much of its range, the overall plumage is black with a blue crown, but in southeastern Peru, southwestern Brazil and northern Bolivia, the body is almost lime green with a yellow lower belly, and lighter blue crown. It is found mainly in terra firme forest. It overlaps with a number of other lowland manakins throughout its range. Female manakins always present a challenge in identification, but female Blue-crowned is noticeably “blue-green” in coloration, as compared to either olive-green or even grayish-green in other species. Call is a very distinct buzzy “chew-whee,” heard from great distances through the forest, and is remarkably consistent throughout its range. Leks of Blue-crowned Manakin are not as concentrated as they are with many manakin species, with calling males widely distributed through the forest. It mainly forages by hover-gleaning small fruit. The genus Lepidothrix was formerly considered part of Pipra.

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