Blue-bellied Parrot Triclaria malachitacea


This species is the sole member of the genus Triclaria and is confined to the Atlantic Forest of southeast Brazil, where it is an uncommon and comparatively rarely observed species. Most modern-day records are from the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Rio Grande do Sul, which is undoubtedly the species’ stronghold. At present, the Blue-bellied Parrot is considered to be Near Threatened by BirdLife International. This species is a mid-sized, bright green parrot, in which the male has a large blue belly patch, a rounded tail, and a rather large, horn-coloured bill. Females are generally paler. In flight, the species makes semi-whistled calls more reminiscent of some parakeets than a large parrot. The Blue-bellied Parrot inhabits lower montane and escarpment forests up to 1,000 m, but ranges to lowland forests in the non-breeding season. The species has a somewhat varied diet, including palmito palm fruits and occasionally even maize.

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