Black-vented Oriole Icterus wagleri

  • © Mario A. Espinosa

The Black-vented Oriole is fairly widespread in Middle America, between western and central Mexico south to Nicaragua; it inhabits open woodland and scrubby areas, from sea level to 2500 m at least. This species is typically found in pairs, which remain together year-round, and sometimes in small groups, but it is rarely conspicuous. A small series of records from the USA provides some evidence of the species’ propensity to wander, or even perform partially migratory movements. The slim-bodied adult is primarily black above and over the head and neck, with a black tail, but the eponymous black vent is not especially easy to see. The rest of the plumage, namely the rest of the underparts and the smaller wing coverts, are orange-yellow, while the bill is rather long and somewhat downcurved.

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