Black-crested Tit-Tyrant Anairetes nigrocristatus

  • © Dubi Shapiro

The Black-crested Tit-Tyrant is found only in southernmost Ecuador and in northern Peru, where it inhabits montane scrubby habitats and Polylepis woodland at 2000–4200 m. It is the largest of its genus, and one of the boldest marked. The most notable feature is the tall, upstanding, spiky-feathered crest, and the black head, other than the white nape patch. Other than the black wings with two white wing bars, and the black white-sided tail, the rest of the bird’s plumage is boldly streaked black and white, with an obvious and distinctive red bill. Generally rather local, but sometimes common, especially in Peru, the Black-crested Tit-Tyrant is usually found alone or in small groups, and occasionally joins mixed-species flocks.

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