Bicolored Antpitta Grallaria rufocinerea

  • Order: Passeriformes
  • Family: Grallariidae
  • Polytypic: 2 subspecies
  • Authors: Harold F. Greeney


Conservation Status

Bicolored Antpitta previously was considered Endangered (Stattersfield et al. 1998), but as it subsequently became known from more localities it was downgraded to Vulnerable (Stattersfield and Capper 2000, BirdLife International 2014). Nevertheless, this species apparently tolerates considerable disturbance, and is probably not under immediate threat in Colombia. In Colombia, it is found at Rio Bedón in Puracé National Park (Hilty and Brown 1986), in the Alto Quindío Acaime Natural Reserve (Renjifo, in Ridgely and Tudor 1994), and in the Parque Nacional Los Nevados (Pfeifer et al. 2001). Its only known locality in Ecuador (subspecies romeroana) currently is unprotected, so its status in Ecuador is judged as Endangered (Ridgely and Greenfield 2001).

Effects of human activity on populations

No anthropogenic effects on Bicolored Antpitta have been documented specifically, but presumably the habitat of Bicolored Antpitta still is threatened by civilization expansion and grazing. These activities already are thought to have caused population declines since the early 1900s (Stattersfield et al. 1998).

Recommended Citation

Greeney, H. F. (2014). Bicolored Antpitta (Grallaria rufocinerea), version 1.0. In Neotropical Birds Online (T. S. Schulenberg, Editor). Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA.