Bald Parrot Pyrilia aurantiocephala

  • © Arthur Grosset

The Bald Parrot has an interesting history of discovery. In the eastern Amazon, the closely related Vulturine Parrot is a common species and is so named for the bare skin and low density feathering of its head. As recently as 1997 its immature plumage was described as similar to the adults, but lacking all feathering on the head. The authors also noted that the immatures would form separate flocks. Not until the putative immatures were collected in 1999 was it evident that these ‘immature’ birds had well developed gonads and completely ossified skulls, both unequivocal signs of maturity. Subsequent inspection of museum holdings confirmed that this bare headed form was representative of a distinct species, recently described as the Bald Parrot.

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