Bay-headed Tanager Tangara gyrola

  • Order: Passeriformes
  • Family: Thraupidae
  • Polytypic: 9 subspecies
  • Authors: Kevin J. Burns and Cyndarienne Mireles


Conservation Status

The Bay-headed Tanager has a relatively large range (3,990,000 km2); therefore this tanager is designated as of Least Concern in terms of conservation priority (BirdLife International 2010). Parker et al. (1996) also considered this species to have low conservation priority. The population size is unknown, but BirdLife International (2010) indicates that the overall population is decreasing. However, this decrease is not at a rate that makes the species qualify for the designation of Vulnerable. Given the genetic and morphological diversity seen within the Bay-headed Tanager, this taxon likely consists of multiple species. Thus, the conservation status may change if evaluated based on revised circumscription of the actual evolutionary units within this group.

Effects of human activity on populations

The Bay-headed Tanager is categorized as having "medium sensitivity" to human activity (Parker et al. 1996). In Panama, Ridgely and Gwynne (1989) remarked that the Bay-headed Tanager seems more tolerant ecologically than other species of Tangara because this species has remained relatively numerous even in disturbed areas such as Cerro Azul/Jefe.

Recommended Citation

Burns, K. J. and C. Mireles (2010). Bay-headed Tanager (Tangara gyrola), version 1.0. In Neotropical Birds Online (T. S. Schulenberg, Editor). Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA.