Arrowhead Piculet Picumnus minutissimus

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Also known as the Guianan Piculet, this species is confined to the littoral of Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana, where it is recorded from a reasonably wide variety of wooded habitats, and is still relatively common within its limited range. Its plumage is typical of many South American Picumnus species, with the sexes being differentiated by the predominantly red crown of the male, which is replaced by black with white spots in the female, while both possess the buffy-white loral spot, olive-brown upperparts, becoming browner over the wings, and whitish underparts marked with brownish-black scales. The upperparts feathers have blackish wedge-shaped centres, from which the species derives its vernacular name. The biology of the Guianan Piculet is not well known, but the species breeds in March to December, with the tree-cavity nest being excavated by the male, and both sexes incubate the eggs and tend the young.

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