Antioquia Brushfinch Atlapetes blancae

  • © Robin Restall

The Antioquia Brush-Finch is among our newest species! It was first described in 2008. So far it is known only from the type locality in Colombia, San Pedro de los Milagros in the Central Andes of Antioquia Department. Quite troubling is that it is known only from specimens, and these were collected in 1971. There have been efforts to find it since then, but none have been seen. As such the Antioquia Brush-Finch is listed as Critically Endangered, and there is a chance it may already be extinct. Visually this is a largely pale grayish brush-finch, paler below, with pale rufous crown. The sides of the head are grayish, becoming black on the lores and fore-face; there is a rufous crown stripe that begins on the forehead. The dark face also contrasts relatively distinctly with the whitish-grey throat, there is some subdued streaking on the breast and otherwise the underparts are off-white. Upperparts otherwise mid grey, with slightly darker wings and tail and there is a very small white patch at the base of the primaries.

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