Anna's Hummingbird Calypte anna



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Adult male

Stocky for a hummingbird with a straight bill. Adult males have a rose-pink throat and crown.


Females are metallic green above and grayish below with bits of reddish spotting on the throat. Note pale line over the eye.

Immature male

Immature males have a blotchy rose-pink crown and throat.

Adult male

Adult males have a brilliant reddish-pink crown and throat and grayish underparts.

Female/immature male

Somewhat stocky for a hummingbird. Females/immatures are metallic green above with some reddish-pink feathers on the throat.

Adult male

Common in yards, parks, residential streets, eucalyptus groves, riverside woods, savannahs, and coastal scrub.

Recommended Citation

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