Anhinga Anhinga anhinga



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Adult male

Large waterbird with a long tail, a long S-shaped neck, and a daggerlike bill. Adult males are black with silvery to white streaks on the back and wings.


Females/immatures have pale head, neck, and breast and a dark belly. Note long S-shaped neck and daggerlike bill.


Large waterbird with large, broad wings. Flies with neck outstretched. Sometimes soars high in the sky riding thermals.


Holds wings out to dry after being in the water.


Swims low in the water often with its body partly or mostly submerged with only its neck or bill visible.

Adult male and juvenile

Nests in loose groups. Usually nests in a tree near water.


Found in shallow, slow-moving, sheltered waters and uses nearby perches and banks for drying and sunning.

Recommended Citation

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