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Andean Parakeet Bolborhynchus orbygnesius

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The Andean Parakeet is plump and relatively short-tailed, and dark green throughout, with a yellow tinge to the face and belly, brightest in the throat and upper breast. The outer webs of the primaries are teal, and can even approach violet. Juveniles lack the yellow tinge, and all ages have a plain grayish bill and dull pink legs. Ranging along the Andes from northern Peru to central Bolivia, the Andean Parakeet is uncommon to locally common from 3,000-4,000 m in semi-arid cloud forests, especially with Polylepis, or in brushy montane ravines. It forages in small groups or pairs in bamboo thickets or leguminaceous trees, and occasionally on the ground, and nests in deep burrows in steep embankments. Its flight is level and direct, without undulation. While it is superficially similar to the Mountain Parakeet, the Andean Parakeet is considerably stockier and shorter-tailed, with less color in the face and wings. The two species are rarely found in the same areas as Andean prefers more humid forests than Mountain.

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