Andean Lapwing Vanellus resplendens



Geographic Variation

Species is monotypic and no morphological variation recorded. However, some variation in habitat as Andean Lapwings found in the southernmost part of their range may be found at lower elevations (Piersma and Wiersma 1996).

Related Species

The Andean Lapwing is a member of the lapwings (Vanellinae), within the charadriform family Charadriidae. Morphological and DNA hybridization data show that the Andean and Southern Lapwing species evolved from a single common ancestor, and that this common ancestor likely diverged after dispersal to the Americas from Africa (Ward 1992).
Historically, species within Vanallinae have been listed under many different genera, many of them monospecific; the Andean Lapwing has been listed in four different genera: Ptyloscelys, Melanopterus, Belanopterus, and Vanellus, all with the Latin species name of resplendens (Sarmiento 2010). Most lapwings, including the Andean, now fall under a single genus Vanellus; there is one exception of one species in Erythrogonys.

Recommended Citation

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