Andean Lapwing Vanellus resplendens



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Distribution of the Andean Lapwing
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Distribution in the Americas

Breeds in the Andes from northern Chile, Argentina, through Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, to southern Colombia, at elevations from 3000-4500m, all the way down to 1500m in the southernmost part of their range. During the winter, they are oftenfound at lower elevations and occasionally along the western coast, though they do not stray far from their breeding range (Piersma and Wiersma, 1996).

Distribution outside the Americas

Endemic to South America


Common near bodies of fresh water in the páramo between 3000 and 4500m, vegetated montane areas above the treeline but below the snowline in the Andes. They are found primarily in the wetter areas, in short grass around lakes, ponds, and marshy areas. They are also assocated with agricultural areas and areas where cattle feces provides nourishment for larger populations of dung beetles. Andean Lapwings will sometimes be found in drier areas, lower elevations, or hillsides, especially in the winter.

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