American Golden-Plover Pluvialis dominica



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Breeding male

Stocky, medium-sized shorebird with a short bill. Breeding males have a white crown stripe that extends down the side of the neck. Underparts are black; upperparts are mottled gold, white, and black.

Breeding female

Stocky shorebird with a short, relatively thick bill. Breeding females look like males, but are paler overall with brown or whitish cheeks.


Juveniles are grayish brown overall with a pale eyebrow stripe. The head looks small, almost dovelike. The underparts are barred grayish-brown. Note long wings that extend beyond the tail.


Medium-sized shorebird with a dovelike head and short bill. Grayish-brown overall with a pale eyebrow stripe and barred underparts.

Nonbreeding adult

Nonbreeding birds look like juveniles but have a smudgier breast. Note pale eyebrow stripe and long wings that extend beyond the tail.


In flight, note long, pointed wings.


At a distance note stocky body shape, upright posture, and short bill. During migration uses shallow estuaries, mudflats, beaches, and pastures.

Recommended Citation

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