Amethyst Woodstar Calliphlox amethystina

  • © Gustavo Magnago (OCA Team)

The most widely distributed of its genus, the Amethyst Woodstar is found in a great variety of habitats throughout its circum-Amazonian distribution. The male is mainly bronzy green above with a prominently forked tail, white sides to the rump, and a striking amethyst-colored throat, bordered by a white breast band. The female has a green-spotted white throat, orange-rufous sides to the underparts, and a narrow white line behind the eye. The Amethyst Woodstar has been recorded taking the nectar of a large number of plant species, and at least occasionally the species hawks insects in flight. This woodstar is probably largely sedentary, but local movements potentially occur, though have yet to be proven. The species is usually not uncommon, but is rather rare and has perhaps declined in northeast Argentina, and is very poorly known in Colombia.

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