Marail Guan Penelope marail


The Guianan Shield representative of the genus Penelope, the Marail Guan is also sometimes known as the Cayenne Guan. It is usually fairly common, despite the inevitable hunting pressure it endures like all guans, and the species ranges across the Guianas, as well as into adjacent southern Venezuela and northern Brazil to the banks of the Amazon. The species’ unusual vernacular and scientific names apparently originate in a native name; it was one of the first species of guan to be brought to Europe and therefore described by naturalists. The Marail Guan is largely arboreal, except when the young are small, and usually prefers tall terra firme forest in the lowlands to approximately 600 m, although it is regularly found near water. Groups typically comprise up to about six individuals, which seem to follow regular routes between their roosting and foraging sites. Breeding data are still very scarce, although its diet is reasonably well known.

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