Gray Warbler-Finch Certhidea fusca


Up until relatively recently there was but one Warbler Finch in the Darwin’s Finch group. It was characterized by being the smallest of Galapagos Darwin’s Finches, and the only one with a small and thin bill, like a warbler. However molecular work found a deep division between the warbler finches found on drier, low elevation islands, and those found in the highlands in moister habitats of large islands. The birds in the moist habitats are now known as the Green Warbler-Finch, while those in the more arid islands belong to the Gray Warbler-Finch. This warbler finch is not found sympatrically with the Green, however their distributions come very close to each other. Overall, this species is rather paler and duller, showing an overall greenish-grey plumage without any other obvious features. It is not a species that gets a black head, or any black on the plumage in actuality. Also unlike most Darwin’s Finches, this species has a bill so small that it is not suited to foraging much on fruit or seeds. In fact, this is very much a bird that forages on arthropods. The preferred habitat of this species is shrubs, and low thickets in the arid zone. Its song is relatively quick and high pitched, a slow repetitive trill.

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