Scarlet-rumped Cacique Cacicus uropygialis

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The Scarlet-rumped Cacique is a black cacique with a pale whitish bill, blue eyes and a red rump patch. The larger Red-rumped Cacique (Cacicus haemorrhous) has a much more extensive red rump, reaching clear up to the lower or middle of the back. Within the Scarlet-rumped Cacique there is a clear division between populations in the Andes and those in Central America and the Pacific Lowlands of South America. The highland populations surely deserve to be officially separated as the Subtropical Cacique, which some taxonomic bodies accept. The “Subtropical” Cacique is quite a bit larger than the nominate group Scarlet-rumped, and shows a relatively longer tail and shorter wings. The lowland Scarlet-rumped takes lowland tropical forest, or second growth avoiding cut-over areas. It forages as pairs or small flocks and may nest solitarily or colonially depending on the region. The Subtropical Cacique is more of a open forest or edge species of montane forest in the subtropical zone; it likes foraging in bromeliads. Usually it is found in flocks, little is know about its nesting.

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Song (Scarlet-rumped)

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