Hooded Mountain-Tanager Buthraupis montana


The striking Hooded Mountain-Tanager is the largest, most common and most widespread of the Buthraupis tanagers. It is distributed from southern Venezuela south through the Andes to northern Bolivia. It is generally found at lower elevation than the other members of the genus. It is bright blue above, bright yellow below with a black hood and throat.The bright red eyes stand out. Birds in the southern portion of the range have a light blue nape band. Easily distinguished from Black-chested Mountain-Tanager (Buthraupis exima) by the blue, rather than green back, and the bright red eyes. It often occurs in small flocks of 3-10 individuals, and only occasionally joins mixed-species flocks. It is mostly found in high-elevation montane cloud-forest below 3500 meters elevation, but occasionally ranges higher. It sometimes associates with the Grass-green Tanager (Chlorornis riefferrii). The flocks can be quite noisy and can be heard for great distances. Individuals do an elaborate dawn flight song. Mainly forages on small fruits and berries, but also insects. Occasionally seen probing into bromeliads and flowers.

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Dawn song

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