Orange-throated Tanager Wetmorethraupis sterrhopteron


The Orange-throated Tanager is a poorly known but stunningly beautiful species restricted to northernmost Peru and extreme southeast Ecuador; it was only comparatively recently discovered in the latter country, and the species was only described to science in the mid 1960s. The species’ generic name commemorates one of the great ornithologists of the 20th century, Alexander Wetmore, and to date the Orange-throated Tanager is the sole member of this genus. Usually found in small flocks, sometimes with other species, often in the canopy of humid forest in the foothills and lowlands, the Orange-throated Tanager should prove unmistakable, even if only seen at some distance. It has a black head, mantle, tail and much of the wings, with violet-blue wing coverts, tertials and secondaries, an orange throat and breast, becoming pale ochre-yellow over the rest of the underparts.

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